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  • The first online address book that your friends update for you.

    Here's How It Works

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    Get started with in 3 easy steps.

    Elect to use Standard Mode, or Incognito Mode

    It's up to you. If in Standard Mode, your friends and family already on kontakt can search for you and konnect with you. If in Incognito Mode, only people that you reach out to know that you are online – Incognito users remain completely invisible from everybody else on Kontakt. Easy as that.

    Enter personal kontakt information

    You only have to enter it once. No more emailing the same information to people over and over again. You enter it once and you are done. Kontakt has everything you need – name, mailing address, phone number and email address.

    Konnekt with friends and family

    Use our easy search features to find the people that matter to you most and konnekt with them on kontakt. Any changes you make to your kontakt information will automatically update their kontakt book. Any changes they make to their kontakt information… you get the idea.

    That's It!
    Never worry about out-of-date kontakt information ever again.