Privacy Pledge

  • The only thing we take more seriously than making your contact details easy to share, is keeping your contact information secure
  • No personal information is ever shared with anybody else on the site without your explicit permission
  • Connections between kontakts can be terminated at any time
  • For even more privacy, use Incognito Mode and nobody outside of your approved network will even know you are on the site (for example, you will not even show up in search results)

Select Your Privacy Level (can easily adjust later)

  • Picture, name, and city could potentially be displayed in search results or shown to friends of your friends
  • Email address, mailing address, or phone number will never be shown to anybody without your explicit prior permission
  • Use this option to let friends find you and to build your kontakt book
  • Your name will not show up in search results or any other public area of the site
  • Other users effectively do not know you are on the site (unless you reach out to them to ask them to konnekt with you)
  • Use this option to maintain ultimate confidentiality on Kontakt